Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday Guest Feature Secret Liaisons (Women in Hollywood) with Sheila Goss


She’s his fantasy leading lady…if he can convince her love can be their reality.

Women in Hollywood, Book 2

When aspiring screenwriter Mona Johnson landed a job as assistant to one of Hollywood’s most sought-after movie producers, she planned to use the experience to build her career. She never expected her match made in online-dating heaven to be her boss.

Romance with Terrance Beckham is out of the question. She knows his history. He’s not the commitment type.

His quest to find real love in real time coming up empty, Terrance goes incognito in the virtual world to take his famous name and large bank account out of the equation. Then he discovers the online chat room handle of Ms. Perfect is attached to the woman who brings him coffee.

Disclosing his identity will have to be handled delicately if they’re to face their mutual attraction without preconceived notions. But before they can build a bridge to happiness, they’ll have to overcome obstacles—some labeled “ex”, and others labeled “mom”—that could drive a permanent wedge between them.

Sheila Goss

 Shelia M. Goss is a national best-selling author and a 2012 Emma Award Finalist. She has over thirteen books in print and over seven books as ebooks. She writes in multiple genres: Christian fiction, romance, women's fiction, suspense, and young adult. USA Today says, "Goss has an easy, flowing style with her prose..."

Some of her book titles are as follows: My Invisible Husband and Roses are thorns, Violets are true, Paige's Web, Double Platinum, His Invisible Wife, Hollywood Deception, Delilah, Savannah's Curse, and Ruthless. Her young adult book series is The Lip Gloss Chronicles: The Ultimate Test, Splitsville, Paper Thin, and Secrets Untold.

She also writes under the pen name Sparkle and has a new young adult series: The Sweet Sixteen Diaries. The first book in the series is Sade's Secrets (May/June 2012), where readers will delve into the dynamics of a mother/daughter relationship.

Besides writing fiction, Shelia is a freelance writer. She's also an Essence Magazine best selling author, the recipient of three Shades of Romance Magazine Readers Choice Multi-Cultural Awards and honored as a Literary Diva: The Top 100 Most Admired African American Women in Literature.      

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Reading You Later Tuesday Feature: Driving Heat by Author Zuri Day

In Zuri Day's Driving Heat, Byron Carter is a goodhearted, nice-looking, hard-working bus driving single father in search of a good woman. Cynthia Hall is the gorgeous, successful, educated professional who wants a man with at least as much going for him as is with her. Their unlikely paths cross when her car breaks down in a part of LA even taxis won't enter. Can a man poor in material things but rich in what matters get her to see the light?

Zuri Day
Zuri Day is the bestselling author of more than a dozen novels. An EMMA and African-American Literary Awards winner, two of her novels were also finalists in the Romantic Times Best Multicultural Romance category. Zuri is a member of The Author’s Guild and 
Romance Writers of America. Along with titillating the sensual senses, Zuri loves to stimulate provocative thought on timely, relevant topics that will benefit her community of readers. She believes in true love, half-full glasses and dreams coming true. Along with writing, engaging
with readers is one of her favorite pastimes. Connect via her website, or on Facebook @ haveazuriday.

 @ haveazuriday

YouTube Channel: A Lovely Day Experience

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Read You Later Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio

Be Calm, Be Brave, Don't Be Afraid by Imari Douthit

About The Book

Ally and Max are a sister and brother adventure team that helps towns in distress. When a rock lands in Ally’s bedroom to give them their mission, the duo is off to solve the problem. This mission has them going into the future and once the duo arrives they are in for a surprise. Will Ally and Max be able to save the town under siege? Or will they become the town’s next victims?

About Imari Douthit

Imari Douthit is a young author wanting to entertain others through her words. She is a creative writer with an exciting and adventurous imagination. Imari’s love for story telling prompted her to become a published author. She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her family.


Facebook: Imari Douthit

Twitter: @imaridouthit

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Courage That Counts By Elison Grace

Cover Reveal


Firefighters and best friends, Dylan and Roy, face death on a daily basis. Now they face death personally when Roy is diagnosed with a terminal disease.
Lana, a nurse, becomes the strength Dylan needs when everything is crashing down around him. Will he have the courage to push past the unknown?
When the life he has known goes up in flames will the love of his life rise out of the ashes?

I am a new author my debut novel is called Courage that Counts. I spend my time stalking cover models and blogging about amazing books that I have read. I love being emotionally shredded by a book and you can more often than not find me up late crying over a book. It was this love for books and some encouragement from Ashlee Taylor that drew me into this adventure of writing my own book.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Michelle Monkou Is Stopping by With The One To Love

One to Love By Michelle Monkou 

Nothing is going to keep Belinda Toussaint from her goal of starting a horse-riding camp for kids who need a fresh start, which means teaming up with the man who's been hired to help turn her vision into reality. But soccer legend Jesse Santiago is as arrogant as he is irresistible. Giving in to the passion igniting between them could head Belinda straight for heartbreak.
After a devastating injury ended his pro sports career, Jesse's ready for a major change. The job as head contractor on this innovative project could be the new beginning he craves. It took courage for Belinda to break away from her family's media empire and follow her own ambitions. Now Jesse intends to be true to himself, as well. But when his past threatens to sabotage his future with Belinda, will he be able to convince her that they share the same dream of being together forever?

“The kiss…?” Jesse wound the towel in his hand. Worry creased his brow.
“I’d say it was a 9.25.”
She explained in a lighthearted tone, “Technique was good—”
“Good?” He shook his head. “You were moaning as soon as our lips touched. That’s more than good.”
“Fine. Excellent. Delivery exceptional. Follow-through…didn’t really maximize.”
“Not my fault. You were the hungry one.”
“And no follow-up. No information on what to do for a repeat performance.” Belinda licked her lips. Even though she teased, she did expect him to play to his bad-boy image. Instead, he was the perfect gentleman.
“Well…I’ll take that under advisement.” He paused as if considering the situation. “I didn’t want to have to hope that you wouldn’t kick me off the job.”
She shook her head. Obviously, their tentative approaches dampened the impulse to go after what they both had felt. Well, she didn’t need a do-over.

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MICHELLE MONKOU became a world traveler at three years old when she left her birthplace of London, England and moved to Guyana, South America. She then moved to the United States as a young teen. An avid reader, mixed with her cultural experiences, set the tone for a vivid imagination. It wasn't long before the stories in her head became stories on paper.

In the middle of writing romantic fiction, she added a Master's of International Business to her Bachelor's in English.

Michelle was nominated for the 2003 Emma Award for Favorite New Author for her debut novel -- Open Your Heart. She followed with several notable series, such as, the Glen Knolls about four friends, Mastersons about brothers and sisters, the Ladies of Distinction about five sorority sisters, and most recently, millionaire heroes. Coming in 2014 will be a new series featuring the grandchildren of a formidable matriarch.

Michelle has been published with BET's Arabesque imprint, Harlequin's Kimani Romance imprint, Evernight Publishing, and recently signed with Boroughs Publishing. She is now digitally publishing under her company Stella Maris.