Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Heart Of Him is Free for the next three days!

Free for the next Three days!

   Award winning author, Iris Bolling, has a treat for her fans. The Heart of Him, a book that introduces us to the powerful political Brooks family, will be free on Amazon for the next three days.  
  The Heart of Him is second book in the award winning Heart Series. Sparks Fly when the gorgeous and sassy Ashley Harrison sets her site on the aloof James Brooks. 
   James is willing to share his bed but Ashley wants him to share his heart. James has secrets in his past that keeps his emotions hostage. Will Ashley be able to rescue him from his demons?
   Ashley also has skeletons in her closet that are threatening to be exposed. An ex flame wants to ignite the pass. He wants Ashley by any means necessary. Will the ex-factor actions cause damage to the fragile boundaries that surrounds their relationships? 
Download your copy of this political thriller today!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Raise Your MIc For Good

  It pains me to observe so many women speaking negatively about other women. Our nation once boasted women who uplifted, encouraged and empowered our communities. However, with the growing ease of a click, we crucify, condemn and blame, in order to be liked or followed on social media. 
 As a child, I recall my grandmother and her friends welcoming new people in the community with food from our freezer and spreads from our linen closet. Mind you, we were far from being rich. However, it was our elders’ sense of community and humanity that propelled them to assist others in need.
  What has happened to cause our nurturers to detach their mind and actions from a community of purpose? Are we a group of people who have been desensitized by the growing popularity of bashing other women in various media platforms?  Do we view are sisters as our rivals and not our allies? 
 The bitter pills women are swallowing are having a great side effect on the youth. Often, you observe young girls engaging in sharing malicious gossip, sexting and bullying. In fact, these devastating acts, in some circles, are considered are now considered a rite of passage. Many of the adolescent impacted by this acts, are caring scars that bandages can’t hide.
 It is time for my mighty women warriors to rise to the occasion. Please utilize extreme caution when you exercise your freedom of speech.  Use your birthing lips to soothe and not destroy.

Monday, March 10, 2014

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