Has Black History Lost Relevance Among African Americans

Pss. Pss. Come Closer. Yes, I am talking to you. I have a secret to share with you. February is Black History Month. Now, I know that many of you will state that you are aware of this fact. However, by the actions or rather the lack of action, by many African American, I beg to differ. During the course of last several years, I have watched as Black History Month has been relegated to a two minute announcement during church service. African Americans in schools, communities, churches, media, and/or major institutions have appeared to lost their interest in celebrating the rich history of their culture. This fact is puzzling to me. However, I have made some observations in regards to this fact. Often, I have heard my brother and sisters state that they don't won't to rock the boat on their perspective jobs etc. However, I state that the boat was rocked over 400 years ago. If other demographics can talk about the latest Tea Party Comments, Fox News Channel, or latest Rush Limbaugh foolery, why can't I talk about Black History Facts?  It is amazing to me, that as progressive we state we are as a community, when it comes to talking about Black History Month, we travel back to an unapologetic Jim Crow Era.
We have a generation of kids who know very little about Black History Month. There are some children who don't know the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. There are many youth and adults who don't know a name of a successful businesswoman of color. Many of the African American they view are found on negative reality tv shows. This is why Black History Month is so important in creating positive images for all people to view. Often, positive stories about African American can't be found in your local or national news outlet. Therefore, it is imperative that representation of positive images of color are displayed, viewed, and discussed.
Black History is the history of the world.  African Americans continue to make strides, in politics, medicine, science, etc. I just think it is time for us to place the importance of making Black History Month relevant for the world to view.


  1. Well I do agree that history is extremely important. But we do live in a time where people are held accountable for wrongs right now but refuse to acknowledge the past where peoples have been subject to injustices with the criminals controlling the situation right now.


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